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My photographic style can be described as contemporary documentary, also known as photojournalism or reportage. For me, this style of photography is about observation and timing.

Documentary photography at its finest engages audiences in someone else’s story, their experiences and their life. The pictures create an emotional response in the viewer, making you smile, laugh, cry and even gasp in shock.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I record the day through story telling images that capture the moments as they naturally happen, focussing on the emotions and interactions of the couple and their guests. I capture the detail of their story as it unfolds throughout the day.

It’s important as a wedding photographer I present my couple with a set of images that tell their unique story and provide a lifetime of memories that are more than an image on a page or a screen, but capture the feelings behind that moment.

Great documentary photography requires all the elements of photography in its highest artistic form, including good composition and beautiful lighting however it’s crucial component is the experience to know where to position yourself so that you can capture that illusive moment when it happens. Timing is key – that illusive moment is gone in a second forever.


Wedding Photography

Documetary & Contemporary Wedding Photographer in Wentworth, South Yorkshire. Specialising in relaxed, fun and romantic story telling photography. Take a look at our wedding photography packages and see what we can offer you.

Portrait Photography

There are several types of portrait sessions that we create. The “studio” shot, usually shot on a seamless backdrop with and without props and the “environmental” portrait, placing the sitter in their surroundings.


A picture can mean a thousand words. Just imagine the story that your wedding album will tell. I am great at blending in with your guests, along with being fully involved in many aspects of your wedding day. I enjoy reaching out beyond my photography skills to help you in anyway possible. Whether it’s fastening the botton holes on for the guests or helping Grandma pull up her stockings – (trust me this happened!) no two weddings are the same for a wedding photographer, or just handing you tissues when you cry with the joys of laughter.


We offer professional event photography along with videography for awards, events, conferences, parties and corporate events. We cover corporate events, conferences and awards ceremonies across the UK. We combine creative flair with in-depth photographic knowledge to produce stunning, high-quality images that are delivered on time.



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“I use Testimonial Generator often. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I’m good to go. ”



“I use Testimonial Generator often. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I’m good to go. ”



“I use Testimonial Generator often. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I’m good to go. ”

A little About Ryan

It’s no secret that photographs are incredibly powerful. They give us the ability to see people, places and things that may be long gone and they provide a link to the past that might otherwise be completely. When working with clients, Ryan aims to give Clients the amazing opportunity to capture moments in time forever through visual stories and tell them through prints and albums.

It’s a reality many of us come to as we move to the next phase in our lives; getting married, having children, watching parents or family getting older. These events tend to remind us that the moments we have together are fleeting. When people are gone, all that we have left of them are stories and memories that fade over time explains Ryan.

“My children are quickly growing up, my parents and grandparents are getting older or have passed away. Photographs are all we have left of them that are accurate and true.”

“We’re so much about the “me “generation these days,“ Ryan says. He points out that the people focus on doing things for themselves such as taking selfies, snapshots, storing images on their phones and laptops, images that get lost amongst other files cluttering the hard drive and then forgotten. “We have to realise that if anything happened to us, everything we have saved for ’me’ is gone. Books & prints on the other hand are the vehicles we can use to retell stories and the moments, they are physical reminders we can touch that live with us and don’t change with time

The number one thing Ryan aims to do as a photographer is to be his client’s storyteller and craft beautiful timelines for them. “Truly aim to tell your clients’ stories” he says. “Whether it’s a wedding with all the subtle moments, emotions and romance or an autumn walk in the woods with family; these moments are fleeting and need to be recorded and relieved through photographs. People don’t realise what they are losing by not having photographs!” he says emphatically. “I try to communicate the importance of documenting our precious time together and the power of prints & books.