Photography Questions & Answers

Quick Questions & Answers are to help the bride and groom choose the right photographer, and understand why photographers charge what they charge, along with covering some of the all too common questions that pop up regarding your wedding photography. I think I’ve covered the “How” “Why” and “Should” but if there is something you think I’ve missed off please do ask.

What is the average cost of wedding photography?

Around £1000-£1500 for a full day, without an album. Many spend more though, and many spend less.

How should I price wedding photography?

Typically, spend between 10-15% of your wedding budget on wedding photography, or 20% if photography is particularly important to you.

Why does wedding photography cost so much?

It’s hard to explain in just a few lines, but the costs of equipment are huge (over ten thousand pounds worth of kit is in most photographers bags) and quality training is expensive too. We also have to pay for sample albums, websites, advertising, credit card systems, customer management systems and so on. Most of all though, wedding photographers spend between 20 and 50 hours on an single wedding in conversations with couples, the photography itself, post production and sending out the final files.

A magazine or blog said I shouldn’t pay more than “£750” for photography. Is that right?

Well, it’s up to you. However, magazines and blogs are produced by journalists who don’t really know about photography. It would be like me saying “you shouldn’t pay more than £1.50 for a wedding magazine” when in reality I don’t know anything at all about what quality of magazine that will get me. £750 really is the minimum I would ideally pay for a full day photography, not the maximum.

Why are some wedding photographers more expensive?

More expensive photographers are like more expensive meals – more consistent, higher quality, more artistic, more skilled, produced with better equipment and delivered on better materials. They are likely to notice details that a cheaper photographer wouldn’t even consider, so in theory every photograph should be a bit better.

Are wedding photographers rich if they get paid so much for a days work?

Sadly not… It’s not a single days work to finish a wedding – it usually takes 3 to 5 days total.

Should I negotiate with my preferred wedding photographer?

If your preferred photographer is more expensive, it’s likely for good reason – and I bet you’re not the only one to prefer them. Some photographers may negotiate but photographers who are in demand generally won’t do. In reality, you’re likely to have to decide to pay their rate, or choose someone else.

Should I care about the quality of my wedding photography?

Well, I can’t answer that for you, but rather than assuming a cheaper photographer can do the job, think about how you would feel is you didn’t receive the quality you would like. That may give you an answer to your question.

Should I get my friend to photograph my wedding?

The answer is almost always “no”, unless you have no choice. Firstly, if your friend is not a wedding photographer, the fact that they have a nice camera and take some nice photos is virtually meaningless. Just the speed of a wedding is enough to trip up very experienced photographers. They will likely be confused about what’s coming next and you will likely miss sections of the day. 

Think of it like this – I have a cooker, pots & pans but it doesn’t make me a Chef!

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