It’s no secret that photographs are incredibly powerful. They give us the ability to see people, places, and things that may be long gone, and they provide a link to the past that might otherwise be completely lost.
Through my photography, I give clients the amazing opportunity to capture moments in time forever through visual stories and tell them through prints and albums they provide to their clients.

The “Me” Generation
It’s a reality many of us come to as we move to the next phase in our lives: getting married, having children, watching parents or family members getting older. These events tend to remind us that the moments we have together are fleeting. When people are gone, all that we have left of them are stories and vague memories. My kids are quickly growing up, my parents and grandparents are getting older or have passed away. Photos are all we have left of them that are accurate and true.
We’re so much about the ‘me’ generation these days. People focus on doing things for themselves such as taking selfies, snapshots, storing images on their phones and laptops, images that get lost amongst other files cluttering the hard drive and then forgotten. We have to realise that if anything happens to us, everything we have saved for ‘me’ is gone. Books & prints on the other hand are the vehicles we can use to retell stories and the moments of people’s lives. They’re physical reminders we can touch that live with us and don’t change with time.


The number one thing I aim to do as a photographer is be my client’s storyteller and craft beautiful timelines for them. I aim to tell your clients’ stories. Whether it’s a wedding with all the subtle moments, emotions and romance or an autumn walk in the woods with family; these moments are fleeting and need to be recorded and relived through photographs. People don’t realize what they’re losing by not having photographs and then printing them! I try to communicate the importance of documenting our precious time together and the power of prints & books.

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